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Our Programs promote physical fitness and mental wellbeing as well as celebrating diversity, culture, and community, which are core values of Harmony Week. We are building a vibrant community where every child can thrive, express themselves fully, and embrace the transformative power of movement and cultural connection.

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Empowerment, Inspire, Inclusion

At The Nikki Visaj Movement, we are on a mission to ignite a passion for movement, cultural appreciation, and holistic well-being in children across Australia. Through dynamic dance, fitness, mindfulness, and Indigenous Australian programs, we inspire young minds to embrace the joy of activity while honouring diverse cultures and traditions.

We offer indigenous programs and workshops with some of Australians most passionate cultural educators. An opportunity for students to celebrate Aboriginal traditions and heritage is a rich cultural experience. We thank First Nations peoples for their friendship and trust as we work together to enrich lives, improve health, and strengthen the future. Working together to inspire and empower the next generation.

Striving for an active and positive lifestyle for children

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a movement that empowers children to lead active, healthy lives, nurturing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, while fostering a deep sense of connection to themselves, their communities, and the world around them.  

Our Vision

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Meet founder,
Nikki Visaj

Nikki Visaj's journey with dance began as a personal transformation. As a young girl struggling with confidence and self-assurance, traditional competitive sports didn't resonate with her. Everything changed when she discovered dance. It became her passion and source of confidence.

Driven by her own transformative experience, Nikki's mission is to share the joy and power of dance with as many children as possible. Over the past decade, The Nikki Visaj Movement has flourished, offering tailored dance and wellbeing programs for schools and holiday activities throughout Australia. But Nikki's vision extends beyond just teaching dance steps. Understanding the importance of holistic well-being, her programs also incorporate innovative fitness and mindfulness practices.

"During my youth and schooling years, I had low confidence and wasn’t interested in traditional competitive sports. It was difficult to find movement in any activity that wasn't group oriented. Through dance, I found my confidence. My mission is equipping children with a space to express themselves through the rhythm of dance, story telling and being in a non-competitive environment. " Says Nikki.

Each program is designed to meet the individual needs of every student, fostering not only physical health but also mental resilience and self-esteem. The impact of The Nikki Visaj Movement is evident in the thousands of young Australians who have experienced it's programs. From preschoolers to late teens, students have felt the transformative effects of dance, fitness, and mindfulness. The smiles, joy, and satisfaction on their faces are a testament to the meaningful experiences created by Nikki and her team.

Now, as The Nikki Visaj Movement evolves, it continues to deliver high-energy programs that inspire and empower. Whether on the dance floor or in mindfulness sessions, young people are given the opportunity to discover their potential, passion, and courage.

Our Team Members

Our cultural educators have extensive training and professional experience in the dance and fitness industry, both locally and internationally. They are outstanding role models for physical literacy and health, committed to making a positive impact on every child's life. Our Indigenous cultural leaders passionately share ancestral knowledge and dreamtime stories, sparking children's curiosity and imagination. They take immense pride in representing and celebrating their culture through dance.


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Let's Move and Connect

Experience the transformative power of dance, fitness, and mindfulness at The Nikki Visaj Movement. Our programs promote a healthy lifestyle and provide rich cultural experiences, offering deep insights into Aboriginal histories and cultures for your school.

We ensure accessibility with negotiable pricing to fit any budget, of any school, anywhere in Australia. Contact Nikki today to discover our programs, tailor-made to suit your school's needs.

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