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The Nikki Visaj Movement proudly offers a diverse range of programs tailored for schools and holiday program providers across Australia. From engaging whole-school events to specialised offerings, including dance, cultural dances, fitness, mindfulness, and Indigenous Australian programs, we inspire and empower young people to thrive while aligning with educational objectives and outcomes.

NVM Dance

This is fun, inclusive, and a dynamic experience to kids, inspiring them with a variety of dance styles and aligning with curriculum goals to build confidence, self-expression, fitness, and creativity. How better to engage kids than by helping them feel the joy of dance and movement?

We offer a vast array of dance styles for your students, including hip hop, African, Beyonce, Around The World, Indigenous Australian, and Contemporary.

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NVM Fitness

We encourage an active and positive lifestyle for children, a crucial time when building positive habits is vital. Our fitness incursion programs promote an active and positive lifestyle for children, recognising the importance of building healthy habits early on. Designed to be fun, unique, and inclusive, these programs keep students engaged, energised, and fully present.

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NVM Mindfulness

There’s a vital synergy between our mind and body, and these Mindful programs introduce students to the calming practice of mindfulness. Introducing mindfulness to enhance focus, emotional regulation, and social skills, making physical activity safer and more enjoyable. We practice paying attention in the present moment to thoughts, feelings, body sensations or our surrounding environment.

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Whole School Events

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students. Your entire school will explode with the infectious, electric energy generated by this joyous celebration of dance and movement. Get your kids together to celebrate the benefits of dance, fitness and relaxation with a holistic theme of mindfulness. In a concert format, our energetic instructors will lead kids through the 1-hour session, creating an unforgettable experience.

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Indigenous Whole School Dance Ceremony Day

A great addition to Reconciliation or Naidoc week! Our traditional Indigenous dance incursion program combines discussion and activities to immerse your students in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions and beliefs.

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Indigenous Whole School Rotation Day

These groups offer a variety of workshops celebrating Aboriginal traditions and heritage. Throughout the day, students will rotate through different workshops, gaining insights into Indigenous art, storytelling, dance, and more. A rich cultural experiences while meeting curriculum requirements.

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of the programs

Through our dance, fitness, mindfulness and Indigenous incursion programs, we aim to introduce students to the joy of movement and build confidence.

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Health and Wellbeing

Dance offers an alternative avenue for traditional sports, providing an opportunity for individual fitness and self-expression.


An opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of Australia’s diverse Indigenous cultures.

It's fun while learning

Our inclusive and non-competitive programs. are highly engaging and energetic. Not only are they fun, they align with the key focus areas of your school.

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Incursion Programs Focus Areas

These programs are about finding the fun in physical movements. Learn a dance, listen to pop songs and even have a school concert.

Demonstrate safe and correct techniques

Encourage the pursuit of lifelong fitness and wellbeing

Promote fun, non-competitive fitness experiences

Perform fundamental movement skills and sequences with confidence

Model self-awareness and self-management skills, always striving to improve

Promote the benefits of fitness for mental health

Educate about our muscle groups and how they work together

Effectively target specific muscle groups

What we need from you

These traditional Indigenous dance incursion program are in collaboration with ACHPER Victoria’s Professional Learning team.

A large, open space suitable to accommodate both participating students and audience

A raised area or stage is a bonus but not compulsory

A wireless microphone

Our instructors will arrive at least 15 mins before the start of the event to sign in and set up

Our instructors will provide all equipment and speakers

Our programs are structured around your school timetable

Teachers must be present during the session

All of our instructors hold a registered Working With Children government clearance (WWCC)

How does it work?

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Customer Review

Our stadium is still rocking from the most amazing high energy 60 minutes I have ever seen our excited children experience. The performance ranks as a highlight of my 40 year career. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They will be back with us next year

Rob Nelson
Principal Bannockburn Primary School

The NV team are one of a kind. They are a terrific team to work with and would be fantastic for any school. We have used them for cultural experiences, exhibitions, concerts and whole presentations. They can bring a smile to anyone’s face, young or old, tall or small. They are worth every minute!

Grant Nalder
Head of Junior Boys Trinity Grammar

Highly professional and motivating. They worked extremely hard and ensured both students and staff were challenged and engaged throughout movement. Great vibe across the sessions. The school has spent thousands on motivational speakers but what The NVM brought to our school was a motivation and inspiration beyond our expectations. Thanks for taking up the opportunity to take The NVM interstate.

Andrew Johnson
Callaghan College NSW

After having The NVM in our school last year there were so many students and staff who wanted to know when they would be back in our school again – it was a very easy decision to book them in every year for our school. We have loved having DanceMob experiences and look forward to having them every year – they are an excellent and outstanding Dance program, one I would highly suggest and recommend to any school.

Todd Broadbent
PE Coordinator Specimen Hill Primary School

Let's Move and Connect

Experience the transformative power of dance, fitness, and mindfulness at The Nikki Visaj Movement. Our programs promote a healthy lifestyle and provide rich cultural experiences, offering deep insights into Aboriginal histories and cultures for your school.

We ensure accessibility with negotiable pricing to fit any budget, of any school, anywhere in Australia. Contact Nikki today to discover our programs, tailor-made to suit your school's needs.

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